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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
3:47 pm
went to the mall to go shoe shopping and came back with 4 shirts, a new semi dress and  believe it or not a pair of shoes. ill leave the new dress for surprise, i guess the old one was too slutty lol whatever. got the best pink shoes>>gotta stop here bye

current mood: excited

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
8:13 pm

woohoo last night was fun.....went to the outlets with meg d...talked about some cool stuff, walked around, bought a bunch of little stuff in claires. we both got sunglasses haha even though its winter. meg got some pearls too which are really cute, and we got matching purses (mine in blue hers in pink) and we got tee shirts. wow i just realized how much we got haha. we went to friendlys to eat and just split a plate of fries and milkshakes. good times!

>>me:3 o clock!

    meg:really? it is?

     me: no look towards 3! haha

today i went to hayleys to make a new episode of the hayley and kristina show which we renamed THE EDGE!! woooo go us lol and hayley made these awesome new alien inc animations :) tehe i wont give away too much on that but i must say im proud of my rendition of clay aiken's "invisible" haha just wait! :x

yeah now im home...my dads sick and so my house is pretty quiet. just playing on the sims :) lalala ok thats all, bye kiddies!

current mood: creative

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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
4:35 pm

 today i babysat for some people in norfolk. it was pretty easy, it was only the 5 year old boy, Gavin. He's pretty easy except he likes to eat some pretty weird things. for lunch he had chocolate graham crackers with cool whip and a side of tuna fish right out of the can. ok gav whatever. haha then we were watchng pirates of the caribbean which i love but he kept asking me questions during it like 'i dont get it........why cant she breathe? huh? what?' lol it was funny so whatever. then this car pulled in that said Town of Norfolk Assesors or something and this guy was like inspecting the outside of the house. i just let him do what he needed to do, but i guess the guy locked his keys out of the car so he like called the police. meanwhile im just inside playing with gavin making no attempt to help him haha. anyways i just called meg d and i think we're going to the nadick mall tommorow, so that should be fun. well im done so cheeri-o!


oh yeah and i saved enough money to get a good pair of heels lol just thought you should know!



current mood: satisfied

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
4:04 pm
monday merrie came over and we just hung out, watched that Down With Love movie again.o yeah and we watched that new show, the littlest groom and it was so weird lol. anyways yeah today i went to the mall with my mom for like 4 hours because she was so determined to get me a different dress for the dance next weekend. i guess my parents really hate the one i bought, i think its pretty! whateverrrrrrrr. yeah i didnt get a single thing at the mall but my mom managed to spend 100 bucks on stuff for her and ryan. yep. great. thanks. anyways hopefully tonight or tommorow night im going to the mall with meg d so i can get some real shopping done! i want some pink shoes..........lol cya

current mood: annoyed

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Sunday, February 15th, 2004
6:41 pm

ok heres yesterday- went to see 50 first dates with kasey and emma, pretty funny but not the best in the world...i still love adam sandler to death though. then we went to newbury comics and i got a hat, then we went back to kase's where we just watched sweet home alabama. ive seen it before so not much to talk about there :) then i had to babysit...boooring. after matthew went to sleep i watched yet another movie, Down With Love. i loved it. mod 60's are my new favorite decade haha.

today- started my spring cleaning early and went to jordans furniture. you would think to buy furniture but no lol instead we went to that imax thing and watched a 3D movie. it was pretty neatooo. now im back here and i think i might ask merrie to come over and watch Down With Love again with me. anyways cya later, cheeri-o!

current mood: good

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Friday, February 13th, 2004
3:50 pm
happy vaca

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3:48 pm

<marquee>happy valentines day everyone</marquee>


heres a quick run down of my 100th day of school (or maybe 101, but who really cares lol) friday the 13th and the day before valentine's day, how about that

civ- took a quiz, i dunno how i did

science- just went over our tests and chatted

gym- played dodgeball, laura was my partner. we talked about cool stuff again lol

english- 1st lunch, typical; then we had a quiz on grammar :/ um k

dt- actually stayed with meag! its a miracle!!!!!! lol we actually just pretended to work while going on the internet

algebra-kummer gave us a rly easy worksheet so we finished it and just talked for 1/2 an hour

woohoo that about sums it up. sat with alex on the bus and me and merrie walked home. tonight i think im staying home, im still getting over a cold and i feel like staying home and resting. i think im going to order some fast food and watch "the philadelphia story" hehe see ya kids


current mood: bouncy

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1:12 pm
in dt with meg weeee

its almost VACATION!

current mood: bouncy

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Thursday, February 12th, 2004
8:27 pm

Totally typical day.....1 day and counting until vaca! :) anyone doing anything special?

science- took a test, i think i did pretty well...lala

gym- pretending to work out in the weight room, me and laura just gossiped and told stories about our bad sides 0:)

english- worked on dumbass grammar grr and took a pop quiz, but it was easy since we got to work in groups and use our notes

dt- me and meg went to the "bathroom" at 12, and just walked around and by the time we came back everyone was already like lined up to leave! hahaha

algebra- kinda boring just went over a test

spanish- watching the road to el dorado in spanish, not much to say about that


so yeah this day was pretty normal, nothing big. after school i helped ryan on his 100th day of school project. we glued 100 of these little candy heart things to a poster and that was about it haha. ooo makes you miss 2nd grade doesn't it?


anyways im in the middle of watching tru calling (FAVE SHOW EVERRR) and this seems like a good one. i think its KEVIN! kevin did it! haha i wonder if im right....

current mood: curious

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Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
9:15 pm
heya~ went to the hockey game around 6, it was really fun. i met up with meag in the front and we sat with meg and amy and a bunch of others. it was a good game even though we lost :/ someone kept shouting "MEXICAN" it was so hilarious! and when we started to lose someone started a chant "lets play football!" haha yeah me and meag had some awesome times haha. gatorade machine for blind people! hahaha! i'll be back in two seconds ! (1/2 hour later) wtf!? you couldnt hold our seats for 2 seconds! jerk! lol  HEY! hi im doing fine. oh no stop you're making me blush! enough idle chit chat! please, you're too kind LMAO ;) good times bff whoosh im tired from laughing lol

current mood: exhausted

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3:50 pm

hey kiddies

today was a typical day in the life of kristina....(that means boring!)

gym- played some kind of dodgeball where we had to hold hands, me and laura were having a grand old time with that!

english- besaw went over the homework and then we just had to work on a grammar packet. snoooooreeeeeee!

dt- me and meag asked to go to the b-room at like 10:00 lol and we actually did go to the bathroom! we went into one, and talked for about 5 minutes and then we left and meag all of a sudden goes, "i forgot to GO to the bathroom!" and we were laughing bc we obviously couldnt go back to the same one, so we had a little adventure looking for another. finally this guy told us to go to the gym locker room haha so i played with the showers for a few minutes while meg took care of business ;)

math- did the lab like a good girl , even though i screwed it up hehe, had 2nd lunch and that was typical except the store was soooo crowded and we were like 5 minutes late getting back to kummer's. not that he cared lol

spanish- took a test, i had NO idea on the countries on the map but i think i only got two wrong. so yay me.

world civ- had a sub so we just watched a movie. somehow i don't remember what it was about. hmmm ;)


*stayed after for math to make up a quiz i got a 21 on hahah! i think i did much better this time. after me , meg and meaghan had a nice little talk about how funny it would be if someone lived in the school. yeah yeah, queer i know. im kinda on a coffee buzzzzzzzzzz 


catch ya'll later kiddies

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current mood: chipper

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
3:43 pm

You are an organized, disciplined woman, Kristina. No one who knows you would disagree with this. But there are times in life when you need to let things loosen up a bit. This is just such a time. Forget about work, chores, and all your daily obligations. You have been working too hard lately. Live a little. Take this day as a complete holiday. Don't think of this behavior as being irresponsible; think of it as being human!

^ my horoscope for tommrow- i think its telling me not to feel bad about skipping dt

but about today.. is it vaca yet????

english- booring gramar stuff

dt- me and meg actually worked on our cover pages, imagine taht lol

algebra- freaked out bc i left my hw at home again even thought I REALLY DID DO IT!

spanish- 4th, really boring and loooong i pretended i did my hw in that class too, im just falling apart..... i think i have SAD- (seasonal affective disorder) bc i feel so lazy in the winter, o well

world civ- just listened to some poetry, felt like going to sleep! i got up like 4 times just so i could stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

science- took a reallly easy quiz and reviewed for the test tommorow :0


woooweee then me and merrie had a nice little talk about shaggy hair on the way home from school. we have a few suggestions -IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS HOTT HOTT SHAGGY HAIR, PLEASE DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT SHAVE IT ALL OF!  ok ive said my piece. happy chunnukah and drive safely folks------------>



current mood: anxious

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Monday, February 9th, 2004
5:01 pm
Hmmm here is my day

Design Tech- me and meag did our usual nothing lol> we pretended to be looking at the magazines and then the plan was to slip out for un momento but i heard someone coming and like ran back inside the room haha! then we showed mr riley the work we had done ;) lol and this will shock you- meg and i had the same exact thing but he told me to do mine again and didnt say anything to meg haha he knows how challenged we are :) I also found a ad for a independant film competition that i think me and hayley are gonna enter hehe!

Algebra- boring as usual, i took a quiz :0 o my probably should have paid attention lol...then i hurried to re-do the hw i left at home and about five minutes after i finished i found it! haha stupid me

Spanish- now that i sit in the back i don't do anything! i just kinda sit there with this attitude and don't pay attention lol. o yeah, bad to the bone

World Civ- project on poetry due, worked out pretty well i had a great group :)

Science- i got switched to the back in this class too.....is this some kind of conspiracy to keep me from paying attention!? jeez this term i was supposed to be better at that but these teaches are makin it hard on me ! i have a quiz tommmorow on electricy- i have no idea what they're talking about. i got last after "this chapter will be about.." lol whatever.

Gym- nothin special, just talked to laura while pretending to work out haha. we had some good times talking about cuties lol. towards the end i didn't feel that great so i kinda just sat there lol

yeah well then i came home and ate something and that made me feel better but i still think i have a cold or something or other. watched tv until 3:30 as usual, then worked on hw until, well right now! lol two and a half weeks until auditions for the philadelphia story :0 (ruh roh!) lol i hope i get a part :/

current mood: blah

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Sunday, February 8th, 2004
8:17 pm
lala today was ordinary sunday...woke up at like 6 bcause i didnt feel well but kinda stayed in bed until 10...my dad asked me to go out to breakfast, just the two of us so i was like uh oh this day is gonna suck but it seemed to be ok :) he wanted to talk to me about my report card :0 o well! no big! then i came home and worked on hw for a looong time. I still havent studied for my sci quiz tommorow, o boy! i hate this electricity chapter. Been kinda sick all day- i think i have a cold but i should be in schoolt tommorow-o well im bored so im gonna fill out one of those questionnares lol.

( i stole it from jessy- hope you don't mind lol)

Basic Questions:
> *What is your first and middle name? Kristina Marie Elizabeth Anne....? it continues for light years lol
> *When is your birthday? November 29
> *Do you have any siblings? Ryan my bro
> *What school do you go to? KP
> *What grade are you in? freshman
> *What is your favorite class? lunch haha
> *What is your favorite color? blue
> *What is your favorite food? TACOS!
> *What is your Favorite TV Show? Tru Calling
> *What is your favorite season? late spring/early summer
> *What is your favorite drink? double tall caramel dry latte (starbucks hehe)
> *Do you wear glasses/contacts? i HAVE glasses but never wear them lol
> *Do you wear braces? I did from hmm 6th grade- end of 7th grade
> *Would you put yourself more in the category as a
prep or sk8ter? i guess i dress preppy... i hope i don't act like it though!
> *Who is your hero? enrique iglesias ;) jk i dunno
> *When is the last time you have cried? i poked myself in the eye today haha
> Do you:
> *Drink? oh yeah im a real binger
> *Smoke? cough cough no thanks
*Use an illegal Substances? nope
Do you make good grades? honor roll
> *Enjoy School? when i have nothing better to do
> *Have a boyfriend or girlfriend? i have a secret admirer named Elfie
> *Like yourself? yeah except when im a jerk haha
> *Have more than one best friend? hm i could never choose
> *Have any secrets NO one knows about? yeah one or two ..or twelve...lol
> *Play any sports? tennis in the summer, running on treadmill during off season

> *What quality's do you prefer the most? hm uhh crazzzzzy!
> *What is something(s) you don't like them to do? call every hour lol
> *Do you want someone with good grades? sure just not smarter than me lol
> *Would you ever go out with a DITZ? if he was a manly ditz
> *What color hair do you prefer? DARK DARK DARK DARK DARK! thats like my #1 rule
> *Eyes? green would be nice, but not a big deal
> *Is it important to you to date someone that is athletic? Well kinda, as long as they're not really outta shape
> "Crushes":
> *Do you have a crush at the moment? no one serious but some cuties!
> *What's his/her name? uhh i dunno i just like to look lol
> *Do you see yourself having a future with this person? yeah staring at them every day for the rest of our lives
> *Is there anything you would to tell this person? ur hott ;)
> *Does this person know you liked them? they probably have a clue
> *Have you ever kissed this person? I think we should talk first lol
> *WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CALL IT A CRUSH? so they can be cheesy and give you cans of Crush soda on valentines day lol

Do you prefer ?'s:
> *Internet or phone? internet for quick chats, but phone for long convos
> *Roses or Daisy's? roses- im not that cheap!
> *Pepsi products or Coke? prob coke with lemon
> *Rain or sun? sun showers!
> *Snow or Rain? snow but not blizzard
> *Math or English? english

> *Abercrombie or American Eagle? neither...unless we're talking about the models- then its abercrombie hands down
> *Gap or Old Navy? uhh gap has cute flip flops in the summer thats all i know lol
> *TV or Radio? televizzzzzzzzzle
> *Soccer or Football? its close but football
> *Hockey or Basketball? close again but i can really get into hockey
> *Mc Donald's or Burger king? mm i love both their heart-attack-on-a-bun specials?
> *Taco Bell or Taco Johns? Taco Bell!!
> *Short or tall? uhh tall
> *Playing Sports or watching? watching

Would you Consider yourself...
> *Nice? i think so
> *Friendly? yeah i hope so
> *Flirty? probably not..
> *Respectful? yeah
> *Ditzy? Once in a blue moon lol
> *Tolerant? i can usually deal
> *Patient? it depends
> *Weak? physically? yeah emotionally? i duno!
> *Strong? i think so
> *Spontaneous? i have my moments lol especially in dt haha meag d
> *Jealous? yeah but i dont usually show it
> *Obsessive? OCD! lol not too much i let things go
> *Sweet? sweet as pie 0:)
> *Pretty? some things but i can improve!
> *Mouthy? yeah i have trouble keeping my piehold shut :x
> *Loud? yeah sometimes i get stared at lol
> *Quiet? this year in class i kinda am...im so bored im kinda too tired to talk lol
> *Positive? yeah i can cheer up pretty fast
> *Negative? if im in a bad mood

current mood: sick

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12:27 pm
Ugh! I hate homework with a mad passion! Especially Alfebra grrr. Anyways yesterday was a pretty good day, I woke up at 10 and cleaning until like 3 lol(thats how messy my house was!) And then at about 5 Phil came over and we hung out and stuffed our faces with tacos until 6:30. Then we went to the play "The Dinner Party", and it was pretty good! Definately doesnt compare with the Christmas play, but still entertaining ...BRAVO! ( if only they had a paper girl it would have been perfect *cough*cough*) Anyways I gotta finish my spanish hw :/ See ya'll later kiddies!

current mood: working

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Friday, February 6th, 2004
10:57 pm - AHHH
AHH! I just saw this and it is FREAKIN AWESOME! awesome job hayley! omg i can never repay you! :) Ugh today was stressful, the power in my neighborhood went out right before i was supposed to go babysit, then i only babysat for like 2 hours so barely made any money. Then i came hoime and my comp was all screwed! so my mom was on the phone with the dell ppl for like 4 hours and finally it works again! thank god i was about to have a fit lol. *yawn* this week was really tiring, im going to bed. GOODNIGHT EVERYBODYYYYYYYYY!

current mood: grateful

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3:20 pm - New Journal
Hey everyone this is my new journal- Hayley is workin on the layout for me :) so I'll start actually using it in a few days. Didn't she do an AWESOME job so far? lol i think so *snaps for hayley*

Kinda hyper and ready to party, but i gotta babysit tonight :/ o well gonna make some money - i think i wanna get some new glasses

right ok see ya'll later

current mood: energetic

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
7:08 pm
I dunno how to do the cool layouts yet lol but I'm workin on it!

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6:54 pm

current mood: confused

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